Senolytic Natural Cocktail P53

Senolytic family is one of the most promising developments in anti-aging in a long time, it doesn’t just seem to slow down aging, it actually reverses it. Senolytic Natural Cocktail P53 efficiently killed senescent cells without affecting non-senescent cells, letting the body replace them with fresher cells.  

▪ The prevention of cellular damage and senescence 
▪ Safe therapeutic removal of senescent cells 
▪ To stimulate stem cell function


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WE NEVER USE UNECESSARY FILLERS OR FLOW AGENTS. Common fillers or flow agents like magnesium stearate, calcium stearate or stearic acid are hydrogenated oils. Not only are these oils unhealthy, they coat the capsule ingredients with a layer of saturated fat hindering nutrient absorption.
There are over 200 different cell types in the human body. Each type of cells is specialised to carry out a particular functionDifferent.  Senolytic Natural Cocktail P53  combinations can broaden the range of senescent cell types targeted.
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Targeted cell:Pituitary acidophil and basophil, Thalamus  DMT/CR+ cells, Nerve cell(Sensory neurons, Interneurons, Ependymal cells, Schwann cells), Pancreas cell(Beta cells, PP cells).
SNC P53-ADB        
Targeted cell:Red blood cells, Cardiomyocytes, Neuron cells(Sensory Neurons, Motor Neurons, Interneurons), Skin cells(Keratinocytes), Cartillage cells, Smooth muscle cells,White blood cells( Granulocytes, Agranulocytes).
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FOXO4-DRI DE      
Targeted cell: Sensory Neurons, Motor Neurons, Interneurons, Astrocytes, Ependymal cells, oligodendrocytes, microglia, Schwann cells, Chondrocytes, Cardiomyocytes, Cardiac pacemaker cells, Agranulocytes, rod cells, Cone cells, Keratinocytes, Epithelial cells.
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